Things to Do & Sightseeing in Nagin Lake

Nagin Lake is one of the parts of Dal Lake and is slightly more isolated than the latter one. It is also known as one of the important attractions of Jammu and Kashmir, which is the epitome of serenity prevailing in the fragrance of atmosphere. This lake is located on the foothills of mountain Zabarwan. What makes this Nagin Lake beautiful is the reflection of trees falling on the water of the lake, which gives it a feel of being a Mirror Lake. Along with enjoying the sight of this lake or carrying out boating, visitors can also enjoy some of the following excursions around the lake.

Shikhara Ride: This is a beautiful ride that takes the visitors along the Nagin Lake to various other floating markets and shops to enable them to become great shoppers.

Shankracharaya Temple: This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located on the peak of Takht-e-Suleiman hill that overlooks Srinagar city. It was visited by Adi Shankaracharya in earlier times and is associated with him since then.

Hari Parbat: It is also known as Mughal Fort, which is a hill fort located on Sharika Hill. What makes it a beautiful sightseeing option is that it overlooks the mesmerizing Dal Lake. This fort was established by Mughal emperor Akbar the Great in 1590 and its current structure was built by Shuja Shah Durrani in 1808.

Hazratbal Shrine: This majestic place is a Muslim shrine that located nearby Dal and Nagin Lake. Its attraction point is that this Dargah contains a relic as a hair of Prophet Mohammadís head.

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