Things to Do & Sightseeing in Dal Lake

Dal Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Jammu and Kashmir. The rippling waters, roaring sounds and mesmerizing surroundings of the lake tends to create a magical effect all over. In fact, it has become an icon of Kashmiri tourism. It lies in Srinagar district of Jammu and Kashmir, which is known to be the heaven on earth. The blue waters of Dal Lake and its exquisiteness is the major attraction of the state.

The Dal Lake is around 7.5 km long and has a depth of 20 feet. This lake is of a warm monomictic type. The excursions around Dal Lake are:

Shikhara Ride: It is a small boat adjoining houseboats that tends to take visitors on a smooth sail over the lake. This romantic ride for a couple in a tranquil atmosphere can be highly overwhelming. It can also take the visitors to floating markets and other sightseeing places.

Floating Markets:These markets of Kashmir are quite famous for selling flower, Kashmiri handicrafts, woolens and various other souvenirs.

Floating Garden: The famous Dal Lake also has a variety of flora, such as lotus, lilies and water chestnuts, which looks really wonderful. The visitors can enjoy the fragrance of the garden.

Char Chinar: It is a famous landmark in Dal Lake, which goes by the fact that it is surrounded by four trees as pillars. The sight to this is really beautiful and quiet atmosphere tends to soothe the soul also.

Chasme-e-Shahi: It is a water spring, which is known to be the royal spring. This spring has medicinal value and is located nearby Nehru memorial park. This also has a garden, which was built by Ali Mardan Khan in 1632. In this garden, the Chasm-e-Shahi has been made as the source of all the fountains.

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