Super Deluxe Houseboat

Super Deluxe houseboats in Kashmir are moored at the lakes such as Dal and Nageen. Each one is decorated fancifully and named romantically and even whimsically. Their decoration and amenities are many touches above the deluxe variety and are almost twice in area. All washrooms, bedrooms and changing rooms etc. are comparatively bigger. The walls and roofs are adorned with carved designs made up from walnut wood. Even the lighting fixtures are luxurious and match with those found in expensive hotels. If you have ever experienced a deluxe houseboat stay, you will instantly feel the difference.

The bigger rooms have space for bigger flower vases and big chandelier at the roof. Fit for a king and are made of wood, and boast of exquisitely carved wood paneling. The bed rooms with attached fully sanitary fitted bath rooms having a large bath tub with hot and cold water running. The floors are heavily carpeted with extra luxurious carpets that are a treat to walk on. Most of the latest gadgetry including a huge TV and Internet connection are standard. These super deluxe houseboats have the best possible linen, durries and hand-embroidered cushions and everything you can lay your sight on.

Depending on the design some super deluxe houseboats boast of a balcony in the front, a lounge, dining/sitting room with a huge dining table fit for a dozen guests. Most of the bedrooms feature a room heater as well. Staying in the lap of luxury is so appealing you always want to extend this stay for as long as possible. The interior furnishing is palatial which covers carpets, crewel curtains, embroidered bed sheets, foot mats etc. With all the amenities of a luxury hotel, super deluxe houseboats offer tourists an old world charm coupled with a cozy feel.

Compared to the cheaper deluxe houseboats, the super deluxe houseboats have a fleet of shikaras and a couple more attendants available at your beck and call.