Standard Houseboat

When visiting Kashmir, tourists no doubt prefer staying in houseboats which offer a different staying experience. The houseboats offer a charm of staying on water and it is an experience where you can easily view the expansive Dal or Nagin Lake while lying on your bed. Normally, tourists have only enjoyed a boat ride but never stayed on a lake or river and houseboats offer this splendid experience.

Standard houseboats remind you of hotels with a difference. Instead of standing on concrete they stand in water but are so huge, they seldom shake as you move around. The houseboats are moored at the lakes and usually have a large bedroom with big windows and attached bathrooms. These houseboats seldom have direct access to the shores and often provide a Shikara, which is again a unique experience. Usually tourists may ride the shikara once or twice but using it many times throughout the day is something they can never forget.

The balcony, the small terrace and water all around is so overwhelming that many want to extend their stay for long. Though you may leave for sightseeing but coming back to the houseboat is always on your minds. Many simply want to experience the quiet environs on the lake and make it a point to stay put in their balcony or terrace and enjoy.

The convenience of shopping while sitting in your rooms is bound to amaze you. All vendors come in their shikaras and try selling you their wares. For many this is funny whereas it is entertaining for others. Floating shops which approach and leave is something unseen and many tourists say it scores one brownie point over the hotel rooms. Many tourists return to houseboats for reliving this very experience.

Compared to hotels, the houseboats offer a luxurious stay with some better amenities. It is recommended to the tourists to try this staying option at least once and provide their feedback on their experience. Houseboats are a totally different way of living in Kashmir and provide a totally unique experience.

Houseboats Offer a Huge Benefit over Hotels
Houseboats are often an extended version of home stay and carry the same hospitality which Kashmir is famous for. Tourists can experience the courtesy, the behavior, the love and warmth which only locals can provide. This is unlike the hotel industry where they run their business like professionals which often lacks the personal touch.