Ajanta Palace Houseboats 


Near Nehru Park, Dal Lake Kashmir, India
Shop for Kashmiri Handicrafts and art by shikara, Home-cooked gourmet meals:  delicious and hygienic, cooked fresh specifically for you!  We specialize in Kashmiri, Gujurati, Indian, Punjabi, Continental, Tibetan, and Chinese cuisine.
  1. Palatial, luxurious accommodations
  2. Warm family hospitality 24 hours a day
  3. Hot water showers in attached bathrooms
  4. Relaxation and comfort - watch the world float by
  5. Participate in the houseboat and shikara communities that have existed on Dal Lake for centuries.
  6. Eco-friendly:  conservation and preservation of Dal Lake is our priority.

Ajanta Palace HouseboatsAjanta Palace HouseboatsAjanta Palace HouseboatsAjanta Palace Houseboats
Ajanta Palace HouseboatsAjanta Palace Houseboats